Writing Methods for Women's Ministry

Learning to write in different areas will help you immensely as a women's ministry leader.  You don't need to write as an author or anything like that but you have to learn that the pen is mightier than the sword!  

Writing in Women's Ministry

You will need to learn to make notes and jot things down.  You will need to learn to send texts and emails to keep in contact with your ladies.  

You will need to learn to write devotionals and lesson ideas.  You may only need to prepare short challenges, but you will need to have some things under your belt that you can share on a moment's notice.

As a women's leader, you may be responsible for your group newsletters, writing letters of inquiry to speakers, and just a myriad of other things that all fall under this category.

Devotional Writing

Developing Devotionals

Devotional Starters

Christian Acronyms

Testimonial Writing

Testimonies - Telling Your Story  - Download PDF File 

Letter Writing

Christian Letter Closings (on Blog)

Developing WM Newsletters

Content For WM Newsletters


Basic Journaling 

Scripture Journaling

Women's Ministry Journaling

Forms and Proceedures

There are several forms on the website that you can use for examples.  You are welcome to change and rewrite them for your own needs.

Women's Leader Forms

Writing Tip for Women's MinistryInvest in a dictionary and a thesaurus or take advantage of online ones.  

They rank right up there with my favorite books.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't look up something in a dictionary or thesaurus.  

Learn to love words!  It will help you not only in writing but in communicating with others as well.

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