Activity Planning for Women's Ministry

The links on this page all revolve around events and activities for women's ministry.  Don't get stuck in a rut!  Try some new things for your ladies group.

The activities we hold are kind of like adding a little cream and sugar to your coffee.  It flavors it up a bit.

Activity Ideas for Women's Ministry

There are a variety of things out there to try.  Not everything is right for your group.  Think about your ladies and what their make-up is.

Pray about it and seek direction in anything you plan for your group.

Activity Ideas for Your Ladies Groups

Bible Studies

36 Activity Ideas for Women's Groups

Ladies Fellowship Ideas - 35 Catchy Titles

Accessory Swap

Breast Cancer Awareness (theme page)

Charity Project: Shelters

Festival of Tables

Group Projects for Ladies

Exchange Meeting Ideas

Food Fellowships (any activity having to do with food)

Kick Offs (launching or relaunching your women's ministry)

Missionary Prayer Effort

Prayer Stations


Weight Loss Meeting Ideas

Holiday Related

New Year's Planning

Christmas Activites for Ladies Groups

Feedback: Christmas Ideas from Women's Ministry  Download PDF File

Event Planning - The links on this page are more detailed to what type of activities you want to hold.  Find ideas for specifics, such as themes, door prizes, games, and basic planning ideas.

There are over 150 Theme Ideas on the website to use for activities and events!

Related Resource

These are questions to ask from Part 1 of the Building a Women's Ministry Article Series that will help you in answering what kind of activities and events you should hold.

Questions when considering activities

Download in a PDF File

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