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Head Of The Class
Women's Ministry Theme

This theme revolves around getting back to the basics in our Christian lives.

School Theme

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    Alternative Theme Titles
  • A Well Taught Woman In Christ
  • A Wise Woman (theme ideas on Blog)
  • Back to Basics
  • Back To School
  • Back To The Book
  • Elementary (basics)
  • Get On The Bus!
  • God's Teaching Me Everyday
  • Live and Learn
  • Learning At The Feet of Jesus
  • Making the Grade
  • Road to Success
  • Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  • Study To Show Thyself Approved
  • The Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Teach Me Thy Ways
  • What To Know

    Find various Back to School ideas on the CLM Back to School Page

    Theme Verse Suggestions
  • "Study to show thyself approved unto God..."    2 Timothy 2:15
  • "To know wisdom and instruction..."    Proverbs 1:2a

  • Learning to Learn
  • Teachable Spirits
  • CliffsNotes Living
  • Back To School For The Christian
  • Back to School Outline  Back to School Printable Outline
  • What To Know
  • Wisdom Getters
  • More Devotionals by Julia

    Color Scheme
  • Primary Colors (Basic Crayon Colors)

    General Decorations
  • Decorate using school supplies.
  • Apples, globes, book stacks, backpacks, crayons, scissors, containers of pencils, glue bottles, etc.
  • Bulletin boards, charts, large calendar, school signs.
  • See your local party store for school cut outs such as school buses, apples, etc.
  • Check your Dollar Tree stores as they now carry a lot of teacher supplies.

    Juia's School Theme Pinterest Board

  • School Theme Pinterest Board

    For The Tables
  • Baskets of Crayons and school supplies.
  • Apples
  • Use desk name plates.
  • Word Strips with verses printed on them.

    Games and Ice-breakers:
  • Conversation Starter - Ask your ladies to share about a specific teacher that impacted them in some way.
  • Icebreakers Index

  • Sing some songs that you sang in grade school such as "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain", "Oh, Susannah", etc.
  • Sing some chorus' such as "The B-I-B-L-E" and "The Crayon Box Song" (Child Bible Songs)
  • Sitting at the Feet of Jesus Hymn

  • Any school supply such as pens, ruler, etc. with your theme or verse attached.
  • Goodie Filled Lunch Bag - Use small size lunch bags and fill with a few candies, pen, mini notebook, or other small items.
  • Goodie Filled Pencil Case. - You can usually get the inexpensive ones for 1.00 or less. Fill with a few candies, pen, mini notebook, or other small items.
  • Candy Pencils on Julia's Blog
  • Bookmarks
  • Small Journals
  • Small pretty spiral notebooks for taking notes. Sometimes you can get these rather inexpensively and they make some really sweet feminine ones nowadays.
  • Apples. Add a cute tag in the shape of a leaf.
  • Crafts and Favors.

    Just For Fun
  • Chalk Talk If you know of someone that does chalk talk speaking, have them do a session with your ladies group.
  • Have time slots for different school subjects and allow so many minutes for each. You could make stations or areas in which to do each. Jan Brett has some printable school "Area" signs on her website.
    • Orientation - Greet everyone and let them know that you'll being going "Back to School" for the night. Give any instructions or announcements.
    • Spelling - Give a Spelling Pop Quiz or have a game time with a Spelling Bee and use hard to spell words or names from the bible such as Nebuchadnezzar, Bildad the Shuhite, Malachi etc.
    • Art - Have a craft project.
    • Music - Have someone teach a new chorus. Have some hymn histories of various hymns typed out for your ladies to take home.
    • Math - Give a Math Pop Quiz. Have a game time with a quiz of biblical number questions.
    • Science - Share something special or something unique about one of God's creations.
    • Geography - Have a Missionary display featuring the missionaries that your church supports. Use maps, a globe, missionary cards, etc. Have someone read a few highlights from recent missionary letters.
    • Reading - Have your devotional time. Make sure you "read" from your bible.
  • Give out "homework". Bible verses to memorize, chapter to read, someone specific to pray for, etc.
  • Make a Classroom Helper Chart: Fill in names from your group with a job for the evening such as serving coffee, passing out handouts, taking attendance, refreshment duty, etc.
  • Have everyone bring in their high school or college yearbooks or old school photos for a sharing time.
  • Project: Make up shoeboxes or baskets full of school supplies for your church children's Sunday School teachers. Collect supplies such as stickers, tape, colored pencils, markers, etc. Anything you might think would enhance their teaching.
  • Project: Backpacks of Blessings. If you know of some children in your church or community or even some missionary kids that you could help out, purchase backpacks and fill with school supplies for them. This can be an expensive project since you are purchasing the backpack, so narrow it down to one or two children that really could use the help.
  • Project: College Student Send-Off. Collect an offering or use funds from your women's group to purchase Starbucks cards, fast food gift certificates, or bookstore gift cards for the new college students in your church. They will appreciate being able to purchase a cup of coffee or grabbing a hamburger when they can't afford it.

    Door Prizes
  • Lunch Bags for gift bags
  • Backpack
  • Christian Books
  • Study Bible
  • Pen/Pencil Set
  • Notebook/Journal
  • Pocket Calendar
  • Dictionary
  • Doorprize page

  • CLM Skit Links

    Food Suggestions
  • For a snack serve Milk and cookies:)
  • Sack Lunches
  • Entertaining Page

    Other Ideas
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