Men's Retreat and Father's Day Theme Ideas
Julia Bettencourt

Although the website is mostly dealing with Christian women and Women's Ministry, a lot of questions come in for Men's Ministry, especially when it comes to Men's Retreat and Father's Day Theme ideas. This is primarily because in most churches, the women help with the planning or their husbands want them to help with ideas. These are just theme titles, not complete themes.

Some of these titles can make good Father's Day bulletin board headings.

Men's Ministry Retreat Father's Day Ideas

Newest in Listing - Page updated 6/9/14

Men's Theme Titles:
  1. A Father's Love
  2. A Godly Man
  3. A Wise Man
  4. Added 6/9/14--Advance (moving forward in Christ)
  5. Added 6/9/14--After God's Own Heart (study on David)
  6. Added 6/9/14--All In (surrender)
  7. Americana Theme
  8. Anchored in Christ (Nautical theme)
  9. At the Heart of Men
  10. BBQ Theme
  11. Added 6/9/14--Band of Brothers (uplifting each other in prayer - encouragement)
  12. Building Better Homes
  13. Camping Theme
  14. Classic Car Theme
  15. Added 6/9/14--Courageous
  16. Dads of the Caribbean (Pirates, Swashbuckling Theme)
  17. Added 6/9/14--Determined (to live godly)
  18. Added 6/9/14--Encountering Jesus
  19. Added 6/9/14--Fight Night (fighting for the faith)
  20. Added 6/9/14--Fight the Good Fight
  21. Fishers of Men
  22. Footsteps of a Father
  23. Footsteps of Faithfulness
  24. Added 6/9/14--Forge (forging ahead for God and family)
  25. Added 6/9/14--Eat - Meat - Greet (BBQ)
  26. Added 6/9/14--Forward (for Christ)
  27. Added 6/9/14--Frontline Soldiers
  28. Added 6/9/14--(The) Heart of a Warrior
  29. In His Steps
  30. Iron Dad (Play on Food Network's "Iron Chef" - Could have cooking competition)
  31. Added 6/9/14--Iron Sharpening Iron
  32. It's A Jungle Out There
  33. Lego and Let God Build (Using Lego building blocks)
  34. Let Your Light Shine (Geared for women, but could be adjusted.)
  35. Added 6/9/14--Made for Greatness
  36. Added 6/9/14--Man Alive (alive in Christ - living for Christ)
  37. Added 6/9/14--Man Up (for Christ)
  38. Added 6/9/14--(The) Man in the Mirror
  39. Added 6/9/14--(The) Man That Prays
  40. Men of Character
  41. Men of Purpose
  42. Men of Worth
  43. Added 6/9/14--Man of the House
  44. Men of the Word (Great theme to highlight different men of the Bible.)
  45. Men Under Construction
  46. Added 6/9/14--More than Conquerors
  47. On Eagle's Wings
  48. Outdoors Theme
  49. Par For The Course (Golf Theme - Could relate to living up to par in the Christian life)
  50. Added 6/9/14--Play to Win
  51. Added 6/9/14--Quest for Manhood
  52. Redeeming the Time
  53. Added 6/9/14--Restoring Manhood (by God's Word)
  54. Added 6/9/14--Rise Up (Man of God)
  55. Scaling the Heights (Mountain Climbing Theme)
  56. Safari Theme
  57. Added 6/9/14--Second Wind (for senior men)
  58. Setting Sail (Boat Theme)
  59. Sports Theme
  60. Added 6/9/14--Stand
  61. Added 6/9/14--Strength for the Journey
  62. Added 6/9/14--Stepping Up
  63. Tailgate Party
  64. Added 6/9/14--Tapping the Spring
  65. Added 6/9/14--Think Like a Man
  66. Added 6/9/14--True Grit
  67. Ultimate Survival Theme (Geared for women, but could be adjusted.)
  68. Added 6/9/14--Walking in the Way (of godly men)
  69. Added 6/9/14--Waking up the Warrior
  70. Added 6/9/14--Warriors
  71. Added 6/9/14--(The) Warrior Within
  72. Western-Cowboy Theme (Geared for women, but could be adjusted.)

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