Helps for Event Theme Planning

Theme Helps
for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

These are links to things on the website to help you with theme planning.

To Theme or Not to Theme Article

Building Themes 

Monthly Theme Samples

Conservative Theme Displays

Event Themes (by category)

Theme Planning Form

Free Theme Planning Form

Download PDF File

I have all types of themed boards saved on my Pinterest account!

Julia's Pinterest Boards

Women's Ministry Time Saving TipLimit the time you search online for ideas for women's ministry.  It's really easy to be swept away and not get anything else done.  Guard your time.  It's valuable!

Set your phone timer, an alarm, or even your oven timer for the number of minutes you want to allow.  

Then STOP when it rings and take a break.  Get necessary things done before getting back to it once more.  Then set that alarm again! 

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