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Hats Off To Mothers!
Women's Ministry Theme

This theme revolves around recognizing Mothers. However; it can be changed to any group you'd like to honor, such as "Hats Off To Volunteers", "...Sunday School Teachers", "...Missionaries".

Hats Off Theme

    Alternative Theme Titles
  • Hats Off To Godly Mothers!
  • Hats Off To Moms!
  • Hats Off!
  • Hats Off To Volunteers (See the Volunteer Helps and Ideas Page)
  • Hats Off To Sunday School Workers
  • Hats Off To Our Missionaries
  • Hat Parade
  • A Woman of Many Hats
  • Filled to the Brim

    Theme Verse Suggestion
  • "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10

  • A study of Colossians Chapter 3 or a Study on Proverbs 31
  • Strands of Pearls by Julia
  • Volunteer Appreciation by Julia
  • Devotionals by Julia

    Color Scheme
  • None Suggested.

    General Decorations
  • Lots of different types of hats.
  • Hat Boxes
  • Hat Tree

    For The Tables
  • Small hat boxes for centerpieces.
  • Make centerpieces by turning any type hat upside down and filling with silk flowers and greenery.

    Focal Point
  • Hat Display - Make a display of different types of hats. Some suggestions would be nurse, bonnet, cowboy hat, etc.

    Games and Ice-breakers:
  • Icebreakers Index

  • Faith Of Our Mothers (hymn)

  • Mini Straw Hats.
  • Hat Pins
  • Hat Magnets
  • Candy Bonnets (on Julia's Blog)
  • Craft and Favor Ideas.

    Just For Fun
  • Have a Hat Contest. Give prizes for the most unusual, prettiest, most creative, etc.
  • Have a Hat 'Parade'. Have the ladies model their hats. Make up a little narration for each.
  • Do a Hat Craft. Provide straw hats, silk flowers, ribbons, etc.
  • Do a Hat Box Decoupage Craft. Provide hat boxes/shaker boxes (small paper mache ones are the most reasonable for large groups), printed paper to decoupage, such as magazines, wrapping paper, etc., Modge Podge, etc.
  • If daughters are included, you can give them a hat project. (Check online for craft ideas.)
  • Share a few historical tidbits on the hat. (Check online for resources.)
  • List of Hats Mother's Wear:
    • Taxi Hat/Chaffier - drive kids to all their sports, etc.
    • Nurse - takes care of kids (and husband) when sick. Kisses the boo boos
    • Detective/Sherlock Holmes - Detective to find things
    • Garden/Straw Hat - gardening, yard work
    • Maid - Cleaning
    • Chef - cooking
    • Top Hat - always have to be on top of things
    • Baseball Cap - Coach and encourages in sports, etc.
    • Construction/Hard Hat - Build things up, be strong when hard things come. Move around the furnitive and handy "woman"
    • Dunce Cap - Some things we have to be quiet about as a mom. Can't always voice our opinion even though we may want to.
    • Fireman/Emergency - steps in during an emergency
    • Army Hat - Has to be a drill sargent. Discipline.
    • Jester Hat - ability to juggle so many things
    • Graduation Hat - Teacher
    • Baby Bonnet - Baby our children. Being tender.
    • Cowboy Hat - Wrangle those kids. Keep 'em on the trail.
    • Bridal Veil - Being a wife
    • Crown/Tiara - Child of God. Christian mother.

  • Hats Off Poem- This poem came to me as unknown author. If anyone knows of it's origin, please let me know.

    Hats Off to Mothers

    My mommy's a nurse who fixes and patches
    All of my hurts and my sores and my scratches.
    My mother's a chef who fixes each dinner
    Fit for a king - a blue-ribbon winner!
    My mom's a chauffeur who drives pretty slow
    But gets me to places where I need to go.
    My mom's a detective, and no one is greater
    At getting the truth from me sooner or later.
    My mommy's a gardener and works really hard,
    Planting and weeding and grooming our yard.
    My mother's a maid - at least that's what she said 'Cause she cleans up the house and makes every bed. My mother's an angel - a queen in disguise -
    Who teaches the gospel with tears in her eyes.
    Today take these hats off, and please wear no other.
    Let me do your work, to show
    Author Unknown

  • Hat/Visor
  • Hat Box
  • Hat Gift Basket - Turn a large hat upside down and fill with goodies.
  • Wrap up with cellophane and ribbons as you would do a basket.
  • Decorative Hat (as for a door)
  • See the Door Prize Ideas

  • Hats Off Mother's Day Sketch (this is an archived link--Spiritual Fruit)
  • Many Hats Skit (Dramtix)
  • Hat Skit Video (Hearts at Home Conference (You Tube)
  • See the Skits Pages for more skit sources.
  • No Suggestions

    Food Suggestions
  • Light Lunch

    Other Ideas
  • Need more ideas for this theme or want to share your own?
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  • See More Women's Ministry Themes (More than 100 free theme ideas!)
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