Free Skit Downloads for Women's Ministry

Skits are a fun way to insert a little extra excitement into a womens ministry event.  These all correlate with the women's ministry event themes on the website.

Skits and Dramas for Women's Ministry

Feel free to add lib and change up any of the scripts and make them to fit your needs when using for a performance.

The Ginger Girl

by Julia Bettencourt

Ginger Girl Skit

My daughter, Tara, and I wrote most of this script together for the Gingerbread Theme..  My sister, Karen, a pastor's wife in Texas, helped us finish it up.

The message is that when everything is overwhelming us at Christmas, we need to stop, look to the Lord, and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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Little Mrs. Hood and Her Quiet Time

by Julia Bettencourt

Little Miss Hood Quiet time Skit

I originally wrote this skit for the The Trees of The Field (Forest) Theme, which concentrates on our quiet time and spending time with the Lord.

The message is that things will try to hold us back from taking that time to spend with the Lord each day but we just have to keep at it.

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Are We There Yet?

by Julia Bettencourt

Are we there yet skit

I wrote this for the Road Trip Theme.  It is about a group of ladies and a pastor's wife traveling to a ladies retreat together.  They encounter some obstacles along the way, 

The message is that the Lord knows all about the curves, stops, traffic jams, and detours that we take in life.  He is there with us for the journey.

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The Princess
and the Worry Peas

by Julia Bettencourt

Worry Pea Skit

Written for the Princes Theme, this skit is about a woman who loses sleep over all the worries in her life.  Each thing manifests its way under her mattress in different forms to disrupt her sleep.

The message is that whenever life is full of worries, the Lord is there to take them from us.  We are part of His royal family and He cares for us.

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Fashion Show Narration

Complied by Julia Bettencourt

Fashion show Skit

This is a humorous fashion show narration using some unique clothing styles.  It is geared to be an element of fun for your ladies groups to put on a comedic fashion show.

Many of the fashion ideas were submitted from my website visitors and I have compiled them for you.

You can find the Fashion Theme here.

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Just a Note...

I've had several emails over the years as to whether you can adapt a couple of my devotionals that are object lessons into children's programs for the children to recite some of the wording along with verses.

A few people dressed their kids up like the type of cookies in the Salvation's Plan devotional for their programs.  The following two I've been asked about a lot.

Sweet Christmas

Salvation's Plan

Yes!  You are welcome to adapt any of the devotionals for use in your churches in whatever way you wish.  There is no need to ask for permission.   I just ask that my material is not reprinted online in any way.

Thank you...Julia

Copyright ©2001-2016 Julia Bettencourt

Permission given to print this material for personal and local church use with copyright information and website url in tact.  No reprinting of this material online in any way.  Please share the page url instead.  See the Terms of Use for more information.

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