Free Printable Icebreakers for Women's Ministry

Icebreakers are a small thing that can get your ladies to laugh and talk a little with each other.

Fine-tune your games and ice-breakers to your group of women.

Printable Icebreaker Games for Women's Ministry

Some groups enjoy more active things, while others just enjoy thinking type ice-breakers such as solving puzzles or writing down responses.

Other groups may just enjoy the throwing out of a question to get everyone thinking on a particular topic.

Printable Icebreaker Categories

Print Ready Icebreakers and Games (ready to print and pass out)

Icebreakers and Games (with narration or directions)

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Holiday Icebreakers to Print

Creative Ladies Ministry Tip

Icebreakers shouldn't be a chore or make people feel uncomfortable.  That defeats the purpose of them helping everyone feel at ease with each other.

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