Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Creative Ladies MinistryAt the moment, these are the most repeated questions that I receive.

Julia, what church are you affiliated with?

I attend a Baptist church.

Can I reprint one of your articles or devotionals on my website, in an online newsletter, or send it out for an email devotional list?

No, but thanks for asking.  I prefer you just make a link to the article or devotional in which you are interested.

I ordered a Women's Ministry resource from you and didn't receive it. Can you help?

If you ordered a resource, my download service sends out an email with the download link immediately upon purchase (except for e-checks--until they clear).

Check your spam box or if you have spam protection, make sure that you can receive email from the domain.  

If for some reason you didn't receive it, just email me. (

I can't find a page that was on the website before.  What happened to it?

If you've looked in the appropriate places following the menu (right side of most pages), it may not be online any longer.  

From time to time I remove items, downsize, and streamline the website. 

If you want to save a download or print out a page, always do it when you see it.  I cannot guarantee it to be there at a later time.

Will you translate the website or the devotionals in another language?


I am not interested in pursuing this.  I get a huge amount of email from people wanting me have have the devotionals translated or offering to translate for me.

I'm very picky about keeping my writing just as it is and I don't know any translaters personally that I could trust to do this so I am not even going down that road.  I'm pretty firm on this point.

If you want to make a copy and translate it for your own personal use within a ladies group meeting, you may do so, but nothing above that.  

Please don't write me emails on this subject.  I get a staggering amount of them and I do not acknowledge them anymore. 

I can't decide on a theme for our event.  Can you help me find a theme for my women's group?


I'm sorry, but I am unable to help individual groups.  There are over 170 themes on the website plus over 700 theme titles for you to glance through.

You are welcome to ask questions concerning themes on the CLM Facebook Page to get help from others.

Why can't I get your devotionals to print out?  My printer only prints a portion of the page.

There are no scripts or anything from preventing you from printing the materials on the website; however, many of my pages are quite long and exceed the length of what some browsers consider a webpage resulting in only a portion of a webpage being printed.

From what I understand, it has something to do with your default print settings.  Foxfire users have the most trouble with this.

The best way to print out the pages is to open a document program such as Word.  Then copy and paste the devotional or page into that.

Adjust your font settings to your satisfaction and print from the document.  

Please keep the copyright information in tact.

Can I print out your articles, devotionals or women's planning material?

For Personal Use:


For Sharing Offline (Local Churches and Women's Groups): 

If you are sharing within ladies groups and local churches you have permission to print the material.  

No printing in publications (other than bulletins, and local church newsletters)  

Please see the detailed user policy for more details.

For Sharing Offline (Speakers, Ministries, and Oganizations):


Ladies speakers, organizations, and ministries outside of the local church may not print the material to share.  

Ladies speakers include those that travel church to church - conference to conference.

Any Salvation Army and MOPS groups do have special permission already to share offline, although you are not permitted to reprint the material online in any way.  

Please see the detailed user policy for more details.

Can I write an article for your website?

No, I do not accept article submissions.

How can I advertise on your website?

I do not accept advertising.

Do You Take Speaking Engagements for Women's Events? 

Not at this time.  

I have one more kid to get through high school before I will begin accepting speaking engagements again.

May I use one of the photos from your website? 

I'm sorry, but I ask that you do not take any of the images or photos from the website other than those offered in The Computer Room.  Please see the Image Credits page for more info on this.

Thank you for reading through these FAQ!

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