Yo Yo Favor Poem
Julia Bettencourt

When I came upon the following poem, I thought, Wow! That would be great to go with a yo yo and make a fun favor for any ladies event, so I contacted the author, and she was gracious enough to allow me to place it on the website.

Thanks Donna!

Yo Yo Poem

Lord I am a yo-yo
And you hold the string
When I am low
You pull me up again
Sometimes it seems
You don't pull hard
Cause I don't go up very far
Then I hang
Suspended in time
While the string
Slowly unwinds
One day I'll make it
To the top
Keep pulling LORD
Please don't' stop
Problems get in my way
The string gets a little knot
But with you in control LORD
The knot comes untied
Keep on pulling LORD
Help me to climb
This long and hard string of life
For when I've made it
To the top
I know I've made it to YOU!!!

copyright ©Donna Golden


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