Starter Topics for Devotional Writing

by Julia Bettencourt

The following are starters or prompts for you to use in forming devotionals and studies.  The majority of these go along with some of the women's ministry themes that are on the website.

There are always lessons we can learn on any topic.

Devotional Starters for Women's Ministry

New are highlighted.

Have you ever written a devotional before?  I have some tips for you that I've gleaned from learning to write myself over on the Devotional Writing Page.

Have you ever tried writing your testimony?
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Testimonies - Telling our Story

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Creative Ladies Ministry TipDid you know that if you search for a word in Google when trying to find a definition that you can type the word, then "definition" such as "myriad definition" and the definition will pop to the top of the results written out for you?  

You won't have to actually go to the dictionary link to find it.  Searching this way for word definitions online when writing can be a time saver as many of the dictionary sites have lots of ads that have to load before you can read the content.

Note:  The terms for using these devotional starters are located at the bottom of each starter topic page.

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