Bible Study Lessons for Women's Ministry

Bible Study Lessons Handouts

by Julia Bettencourt

Below are Bible lesson handouts.  I don't write deep and detailed Bible studies.  I leave that to those who are more skilled and called to do that.  I enjoy writing devotionals and I do make up lesson outlines and study questions to go with some of them. 

There are many other lesson handouts on the website that coordinate with devotionals and themes.  Those will be available on the particular devotional or theme pages that they coordinate with.

With a Touch Bible Study

This is an online study that I did on my blog back in 2013 about the woman who touched the garment of Jesus in the crowd.  It is not a formal study.  It is just me talking along with you as we go.

With a Touch Bible Study Printable

Download in a PDF File

March Madness

I did this little study on the blog one year during March. Feel free to go to the blog links if you want to comment on it.

Part 1: Mad Man (Man of Gadara)

Mad Men Lesson 1

Download in a PDF File

Part 2:  Mad Man (King Nebuchadnezzar) on blog

March Madness Lesson 2

Download in a PDF File

Part 3:Crazy World  (Keeping Our Sanity) on blog

Keeping Your Sanity Lesson 3

Download in a PDF File

Lost and Found

Discussion Questions concerning Luke Chapter 15
Parables of the Lost Sheep, Lost, Coin, and Lost Son

Lost and Found Lesson Handout

Download in a PDF File

Download the Answer Key

There is a "lost and found" printable game below. The lesson download on that is the same as this one. It just doesn't have the sheep clip art.

Download Who Lost What? Printable Game

Download Who Lost What? Game Answer Key

Download Lost and Found Bible Study Sheet

Download Lost and Found Bible Study Sheet Answers

Original Artwork used for this printable by Trina Clark. Purchased at Digi Scrap Kits

Monsters in my Closet

I made this one for a fall worksheet. I thought it was a good time to talk about those monsters...Pride, Selfishness, and Jealousy..

Monsters in my Closet Printable

Download in a PDF File

There is a Word Search to match.

Monsters in my Closet Printable Game

Download in a PDF File

See the Monsters in the Fall Women's Ministry Theme.

Oh Those Foolish, Foolish Women!

I originally made this for an April Fools Day lesson.

Foolish Women Printable Handout

Download in a PDF File

See the A Wise Woman Women's Ministry Theme.

Quiet Time

Questions concerning your quiet time with the Lord.

Quiet Time Free Printable

Pick up in a PDF File

Note:  I have had numerous emails that the word “hart” (Psalm 42:1)  is spelled wrong on the second page of the pdf.  It is correct.  It is in the KJV and referring to deer and not to the heart.

See the Trees of the Field Women's Ministry Theme.


Some handouts are made with artwork by Trina Clark.  Digi Scrap Kits.

Resource in the CLM Shop

Bible studies are an integral part of women's ministry.  Use discretion and wisdom when choosing what studies you want to cover.  There is a download in the CLM Shop with ideas to help you with your decisions.

 Bible Study Aids for womens ministry

See Details.

Bible Study Ideas for Women's Ministry

See the Bible Study Approaches in Women's Ministry Page.

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