Devotionals by Julia Bettencourt

I've enjoyed writing devotionals for my ladies groups over the years and also for my visitors to CLM.  Many are written to correlate with the Women's Ministry Event Themes located on the website.

I wrote all kinds of stories and poems from the time I was little but the very first devotional that I wrote for a ladies group was for a baby shower at the age of 22.

Devotionals by Julia Bettencourt

I was just married, very young, scared to talk in front of people, and had no idea what to do.  With the Lord's help, I somehow managed to get through it.

I haven't stopped writing devotionals and sharing with ladies groups.  I hope you will enjoy what I have to share with you...Julia

The devotionals have been divided up into categories.  There are over 170 devotionals on the website.  Please enjoy the reading!

Devotional Categories

Biblical Womanhood Devotionals (specific for women)

Christian Living Devotionals  (various topics)

Leadership Devotionals (for women's leaders)

Shower Devotionals (for bridal and baby showers)

Holiday Devotionals  (for various holidays)

Seasonal Devotionals (for the seasons)

Devotional Starters  (ideas to write your own devotionals)

Bible Study Lessons  (have printable lesson handouts)

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