Promotion of Women's Ministry Activities
Julia Bettencourt

Promote Your Women's Ministry

Having good content, interesting, and well run meetings and events is the best way to keep your ladies coming back to monthly meetings and excited about special activities, but there are times when you may need some promotion and there are a few things you can try.
  1. Talk it up!   If you are in charge, excitement over the Women's Ministry activities will start with you. Let the ladies in your church know how excited you are about working in such a ministry.
  2. Use flyers for your events and monthly ladies meetings. Put them throughout your church facilities. Don't forget the ladies bathroom!
    There are some WM printable flyer/handouts here.
  3. Place Women's Ministry announcements in your church bulletin. Don't just put them in when you are having a special event but from time to time let the church congregation know what's going on in your Women's Ministry.
  4. Have Women's Ministry announcements made during the Sunday School hour in the adult classes of your church.
  5. Have Women's Ministry announcements made during announcement time of the Worship service of your church.
  6. Use short sketches or skits to promote a special Women's Ministry event.
  7. Keep your pastor aware of what's happening within your Women's Ministry and get him to make announcements personally from time to time to encourage the ladies to get involved in the Women's Ministry of your church.
  8. Send postcards out for regular monthly meetings and special events.
    There are some WM printable postcards here.
  9. Make phone calls to the women in your church to remind them of regular monthly meetings and special events. If you have a large church, you may need to delegate the phone calls to a few other women in your church who can help you make calls.
  10. Use business cards with your Women's Ministry information to keep in your purse and to hand out at every opportunity. Include on the card: your church name and address/phone, ladies group name if any, day and time of monthly meeting (such as 1st Thursday of each month. 7:00 p.m.), your name as director and a contact number. You can make up professional looking ones yourself by using computer business card sheets.
  11. Use handout invitations. Make them small so you can hand them out easily to the ladies of your church.
    There are some small printable WM invites here.
  12. Use fun small items for your invites such as attach an invitation for a Garden Meeting to a seed packet. Attach an invitation for a Tea to a tea bag. Tie an invitation for a Chinese Meal to a package of chop sticks.
    There are ideas for WM candy invites scattered throughout the Candy Sayings for WM Promotion.
  13. If your church has Power Point, make a Women's Ministry presentation. Add in lots of photos of your Women's Ministry activities. Show how interesting and exciting your activities are.
  14. Make up a brochure for your Women's Ministry. Include your mission statement, what type of activities you offer, time and place for regular scheduled women's events, your vision for your women's ministry, etc. These are great to have on hand for visitors and to use as a way to invite other ladies to your church.
  15. Send out letters from time to time to announce a special Women's Ministry event or just to keep everyone aware of what's happening within your Women's Ministry. You may want to send out an email newsletter.
    See how to Develop a Women's Ministry Newsletter here.
  16. Check with your pastor and see if you could have a few of your ladies give a testimony during the main service of how they have been blessed and encouraged by your Women's Ministry.
  17. Send personal cards to the ladies who've never attended or that haven't been in attendance for awhile.
  18. If your church has a website, take advantage of it. See if you can have a Women's Ministry page to spotlight your activities.
  19. Use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to announce things going on within your Women's Ministry.
  20. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool! Get your ladies excited about inviting others.

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