Below are 24 things to ask yourself as a leader.

Evaluating Leadership

Evaluating Your Leadership

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 1, 2006

Are You Friendly? 

Friendliness is one of the major things that the women in your church will notice if you are their leader.  Nobody likes an unfriendly person.  Reach out to the women in your church. Greet them.  Talk to them.  Have fellowship with them.

How's Your Smile-O-Meter?

A leader that doesn't smile usually brings others down around them.  A smile and a pleasant facial expression can go a long way in your role of leadership.

Are You An Encourager?

A great leader has a way of uplifting others.  Each of the women in your church are at different stages and all need that extra spark of encouragement right where they are at in their life.

How's Your Attitude?

Everyone can tell if you have a bad attitude about something, whether it is personal or whether it revolves around your church.  Don't let a bad attitude affect your ministry of leadership.

Are You Committed?

Are you committed to your role of leadership?

How's Your Obedience?

Are you obedient to the Lord in your daily life?  If you are going to be a leader of the women in your church, your life must be in tune with the Lord first of all.

How's Your Willingness To Learn?

Do you have a "know it all" perspective?  A good leader is always learning from life and from those around them.

How's Your Confidence?

Are you a confident leader? Get organized; learn all you can about what you intend to do in your ministry, hone your skills, and trust in the Lord and it will bring up your confidence level.

How's Your Patience?

Patience will surely come in handy when you are dealing with a lot of different women with different goals and desires, having different perspectives, and walking at different stages in their lives.

How's Your Temper?

When working with other ladies, you will not always agree on everything and sometimes harsh and unkind words may be directed your way as the leader.  Have your temper in check beforehand.

Is Your Tongue Tamed?

Nothing will knock you down more notches in the eyes of the ladies of your church than when something inappropriate comes out of your mouth.  It doesn't even have to be something that is unkind; it can just be some little remark that should have been left unsaid.

Are You Organized?

An organized women's ministry is a well-oiled machine and there are less distractions and hang-ups when you make sure everything runs smoothly.

Are You Willing To Serve?

Good leaders are always good at serving too.  A big part of women's ministry in the local church is serving the other women.

How's Your Tactfulness?

Sticky situations are inevitably going to come up.  Being blunt doesn't usually win people over.  Learning to be firm and tactful at the same time is a wonderful trait to strive for in a leader.

Can You Delegate?

A one-woman show never works.  It will not only wear you out and wear you down but it will hinder the work you are trying to accomplish.  Learn to recognize the gifts of others and allow them to use those gifts.  Delegating can be your best friend.

Are You Humble?

A good leader will embody humility.  It's the best way to accomplish all you need to do as a leader.

Where's Your Priorities?

Do you have your priorities in order?  If you don't, it will not only bring you down, but also the women's ministry you are trying to lead.

Are You Spirit-Filled?

Being in tune with Christ and walking in the Spirit is a must for a Christian leader of any kind, whether it is women's ministry or any kind of Christian work.  Allow for His leading.

Are You A Prayer Warrior?

Don't miss out on the benefits prayer can do for you and your women's ministry.  Constant communication with the Lord is a must.

How's Your Witness?

Do you care for the souls around you?  A heart to bring others to the saving knowledge of Christ is imperative.

How's Your Vision?

Do you know what you want to accomplish in your leadership role?  Set some goals for your women's ministry and for yourself as a leader.

Do You Have Open Ears?

Listening to others is one of the key ingredients to becoming a great leader.  Being attentive to hearing the needs, wants, and desires of those around you will help you focus on the issues important to them.

How's Your Confidentiality?

Because you are in leadership, anything someone tells you ought to be held in confidence.  Your ladies will naturally feel more at ease with sharing with you just because you are in leadership.  Don't take this lightly.  Never break a confidence.

Are You A Good Follower?

Do you listen to and follow the authority over you?  Do you respect your pastor and church leaders and their leadership?

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